Who ya gonna tweet? Contest.

Back by popular demand (and by “demand”  I mean none at all) I am running a contest for my Twitter BFF for the day.

Just leave a comment*.

What will you win?

My tweets.  My tweets will all go to you for the day**.

Exciting right?

Listen, I don’t exactly get offers pounding down my door.

This is what I’ve got.

But wait!  That’s not all.

I will also read and respond to all of your tweets.

Twitter BFF’s.

It sounds cuter than it is.


*I don’t expect anyone to enter

**Warning.  I tweet a lot.  I mostly ramble and make no sense.


Winner will be chosen by me printing out all the comments, cutting them into individual slips, crumbing them in a ball, putting them into a basket and then picking one.

Very scientific.


61 thoughts on “Who ya gonna tweet? Contest.

  1. Was it you that once said "why does everyone #FF other people when really they just want followers?" (loosely quoted from memory) if not well…you shouldve lol so id say, hey you have more followers than me so it would have to be good for people to see you "oh so popular" talking to little ol me all day right? :) here's to twitter bffs, maybe it could lead to something more…like facebook bffs

  2. oh. dear.

    if i win, please, no teeth tweets. (my kid lost his first tooth, you told me you don't "do" teeth).

    anyway. teeth tweets? totally not the best phrase ever.

  3. This might be very strange. And I really hope you have your heat back if I win or I might make you feel bad. At the same time I have mad pioneer skills so I could be a useful bff. Well we shall see how wonderfully awesome this is if my name comes out of that crumpled pile.

  4. Pick ieatmykidzsnacks. That would be entertaining for us all. Don't pick me. I can't handle the pressure. And I'm not that funny. And I don't do crotch shots, although I will accept them.

  5. You and me Twitter BFF's? I can't even hide my excitement. Ps. I say that we pick a day that we get really drunk and tweet to each other just to make it that much more interesting.

  6. I had to read “the rules” 10 times before I half understood them, so count me in and maybe visit random.org before slicing your monitor into little strips.

  7. I cannot wait to win this contest. Seriously.

    If you do't give this to me I will spit in your face.

    (That may happen anyway.)
    (Don't look so shocked. I totally owe you.)

    (Also please be advised I want you to tweet my shop profile, not me.)

  8. at first I was like YES! i want this. then I was like, wait. this may turn creepy REALLY, REALLY fast.

    oh well, I guess I'll find out if I win.

  9. I'm going to second the scariness. Also, if I win, I'll have to Tweet more to get the full value. It's like a day of free.

  10. There's nothing that says success better than people being afraid of winning your friendship. It's like winning the friendship of Trump; sure, he might buy you lunch but will he pay to keep your soul out of hell after a day of hanging with him? Because I'm pretty sure someone's going to have to spot me that kind of cash.

  11. The magnificence of this contest's prize canNOT be understated.

    I am going to leave comments all day long.

    And if I don;t win AGAIN this time?

    I shall use the same technique in the next twitter BFF contest.

    I shall never grow weary.

  12. I love this contest! Honestly, I HATE almost all the contests on twitter or even facebook, as they usually require you to post this, comment here, there, everywhere…follow me, them, everyone, etc. I usually forget what the contest was for by the time I finish reading all the suggested requirements to enter! (thanks for letting me vent). Did someone say Kit Kat's?

  13. Count me in… but don't come crying to me when I use the printed, clipped tweets to write a ransom note… they are mine to do with what I please…

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