Why do I feel like- Somebody’s Watching Me?

Once upon a time a had a child with colic. Though I loved this child, when colic was over I high tailed it to Charleston, South Carolina for a solo weekend trip. It was lovely. I enjoyed myself and came back with a renewed spirit. Speaking of spirits, when I got home I uploaded my pics to my computer. I didn’t go through them at the time and just set them to be a slide show for my screen saver. When this photo came up I happen to be walking by and I immediately got chills. What is that in my photo?! Boo!

Look above the van by the tree trunk.

8 thoughts on “Why do I feel like- Somebody’s Watching Me?

  1. HOw did you notice that? I didn't even see it till you told us where to look…

    I wonder how many other ghostesses I've missed cuz no one told me where to look.


    But cool for you,

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